New Releases

Thin Edge New Music Collective & Ensemble Paramirabo – Raging Against The Machine

Steve Reich’s Double Sextet, Louis Andriessen’s Worker’s Union, and new pieces from Patrick Giguère, Anna Höstman and Brian Harman

Standing Wave – New Wave

STANDING WAVE Christie Reside, flutes; A-K Coope, clarinets; Rebecca Whitling, violin; Peggy Lee, cello; Allen Stiles, piano; Vern Griffiths, percussion

Redshift XV

Free 15th Anniversary Compilation Sampler
15 tracks from recent and upcoming CDs

Israfel  Paolo Bortolussi

Music for flute and electronics by
Larry Lake
, Keith Hamel, John Oliver and Kaija Saariaho

CD Cover

Of Sound, Mind and Body – Concert #3 Le Gesù

Tim Brady, Shawn Mativetsky, Helmut Lipsky, with Gabriel Dharmoo

Immersion – Negative Zed

Music by Jordan Nobles recorded in a break head tank
deep underneath the ground by Negative Zed

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