Negative Zed – Redshift Ringtones

A free collection of cellphone ringtones composed for chamber ensemble

Performers: Negative Zed (Mark McGregor – flute; Marguerite Witvoet  piano/voice; Colin MacDonald – saxophones; Karen Gerbrecht – violin; Adrian Verdejo – guitar; Doug Gorkoff – cello; Martin Fisk – percussion; Mark Haney – doublebass)
Recorded at: Pyatt Hall, Vancouver, August 10, 2014
Recording Engineer: Paul Luchkow

Ringtones are formatted in both mp3 and m4r formats!  (48 MB zip file)


Subway Hijacking Árpád Solti (Budapest, Hungary)

Kiwi Rings Anne Guzzo (Wyoming, USA)
Fate Knocks Daniel Larraín (Montréal, Canada)
Acoustic Location Lucas M. Oickle (Vancouver, Canada)
Quirky No.6 Chantal Janvier – (Leeds, UK)
Gubben – Jesper Nielsen (Huddinge, Sweden)
Pronto – Éric Champagne (Montréal, Canada)
Digits Excerpt – Gene Pritsker (New York, USA)
All the Triads – Giovanni Albini (Modena, Italy)
fragment 9-3 Heber Schünemann (Québec City, Canada)
Doppler Effect David Drexler (Fresno, USA)
Being/Non-Being John Baker (Vancouver, Canada)
Ringtone Shift Saúl Chapela (Munich, Germany)
…if you don’t pick up the phone… Joaquín Mendoza Sebastián (Caracas, Venezuela)
Nokia Fughetta Vincent Lo (Burnaby, Canada)

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