junctQín – reTHINK

Toronto’s junctQín keyboard collective (Stephanie Chua, Elaine Lau, and Joseph Ferretti)

1. Hommage à Stravinsky, Prokofiev, & ShostakovichAlfred Schnittke
2.-7. Chess SuiteMonica Pearce
8. FrontispiceMaurice Ravel
9. Sorex (a celebration of untamed shrews)Emily Doolittle
InsidersTomi Raisanen
13. Interlocking No.3Chris Thornborrow
Big MuddyAlex Eddington
15. Welcome to Warp Zone!Elisha Denburg

reTHiNK may be Toronto-based keyboard collective junctQín’s debut recording, but its varied program marks over a decade together for the ensemble. The group’s titular portmanteau — slamming junct, the latin sufx meaning “join,” up against Qín, the Chinese character for “keyboard instrument”—says much about their approach, which emphasizes creating vibrant new connections between disparate elements. Founded in 2009, the trio has since positioned itself as a tireless advocate for keyboard-driven ensemble music, noted especially for its expert grasp of piano geography and love for wayward instrumental polyglots. In addition to delving into an array of quirky and under- recognized repertoire, they’ve also commissioned over forty new pieces that variously embrace toy piano, melodica, synthesizers, everyday objects, live electronics, and, of course, unique configurations around, and inside of, the piano.

Recorded at: Revolution Recording Studios, Toronto
Production, Editing, Mixing, Mastering: Earl McCluskie
Recording Engineer: Luke Schindler
Graphic Design: Jacob Feikema
Piano Technician: Wayne H. Ferguson

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