Leanne Zacharias – Music for Spaces

Leanne Zacharias, Solo Cello

1. Etudes Boreales 1 – John Cage
2. Sabina – Andrew Norman
3. Etudes Boreales 4 – John Cage
4. Studio – Michael Oesterle
5. Music for Magpies – Emily Doolittle
6. Shadow Play – Eugene Friesen

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Leanne Zacharias, Solo Cello  leannezacharias.com
Recorded by Paul Aucoin at Dryberry Lake (Ontario), Flying Creek Valley (Saskatchewan), Kaleida and Pembina Crossing (Manitoba) 

Performed and Co-Produced by Leanne Zacharias
Recorded and Co-Produced by Paul Aucoin
Mix Engineering by Luke Batiot
Mixed and Edited at Village Sound (Halifax, NS) and Sonology (Toronto, ON)
Mastered by Harris Newman, Grey Market Mastering (Montreal, PQ)
Album Design and Layout by Paul Henderson
Photography by Leanne Zacharias and Paul Aucoin
Cover Image: St. Mary’s-St. Alban’s Church, (Kaleida, MB)
Leanne plays an 1820’s cello from the Couturieux luthier family in Paris

Additional thanks to:
Andrew Norman, Emily Doolittle, John Cage, Michael Oesterle and Eugene Friesen for their tremendous pieces, the intrepid and unwavering Paul Aucoin, Trevor Murphy, Jordan Nobles, Howard Zacharias and the Dryberry Lake community, Dennis J. Evans, the caretakers of Pembina Crossing and St. Alban’s Churches, Lesandra Dodson, Christine Fellows, Jeff McMurrich, Paul Henderson, Matt Charlton, Colin Medley, Chris Lagimodiere and the BU Indigenous Peoples Centre and, as always, Jimmie Kilpatrick.

Nous remercions le Conseil des arts du Canada de son soutien. We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.

TK484 © 2021 Redshift Music

Leanne Zacharias is a dynamic cellist, educator and interdisciplinary artist known for innovative collaborations with artists of all stripes, across genres and geographies.

Her work has been featured as part of the Winnipeg Symphony New Music Festival, the International Cello Festival of Canada, Austin’s Sounding City series, the Winnipeg Design Festival, FastForwardAustin New Music Festival, London’s Open Ears Festival and Sonus Loci: a sound installation on ice, selected by Winnipeg’s 2013 Warming Huts Art & Architecture competition. She has also appeared on recordings with John K. Samson, The Mountain Goats, Eric Platz and has toured and recorded extensively with long-time ally, songwriter Christine Fellows.

Leanne has been artist-in-residence at the Banff Centre for Arts, Iceland’s Nes Residency and the Churchill Northern Studies Centre. She is a contributor to Odyssey Works and has performed with the Australian Art Orchestra, Manitoba Chamber Orchestra and Group of 27 Orchestra. Post-pandemic, she will premiere Nicole Lizee’s new cello concerto, appear at Newfoundland’s Sound Symposium and in Winnipeg’s Groundswell as guest curator.

Based in Manitoba, she is an Associate Professor at the Brandon University School of Music and teaches across a range of areas including cello, contemporary performance practice, pedagogy and ensembles. She co-directs A Wild Studio, a creative workshop held in Canadian National Parks, and the Hybrid Intensive workshop in San Francisco.