Farshid Samandari – Light of Lights نورالانوار

RELEASES March 1, 2022

Farshid Samandari
Light of Lights نورالانوار
based on the Writings of ‘Abdul-Bahá

1 – Síná-yi-Nùr 8:04
2 – O Sun of Bounty 2:55
3 – Gulrukh-i-Abhá 7:12
4 – Il est Dieu! 1:21
5 – Praise be to God! 4:11

Hormoz, Persian chant (tenor)
musica intima
sopranos: Cassie Luftspring, Lucy Smith
altos: Melanie Adams, Risa Takahashi
tenors: Taka Shimojima, Eric Biskupski
basses: Stephen Duncan, Steve Maddock

Recording Engineer/Preneur de son Don Harder
Supplementary Recording and Editing Engineer/Supplémentaire Preneur de son et monatage Nader A.
Digital Editing & Mastering/Montage numérique et gravure Don Harder
Cover painting/Tableau en couverture Shahriar Cyrus
Photograph/Photo Lyle Stafford/Times Colonist
Graphic Design/Conception Graphique John Endo Greenaway
Translation/Traduction Christian Bergeron
Biography Translation/Traduction de Biographie Anne Duranceu
Manufacturing/Fabrication DMA Discs

Recording Dates /Dates d’enregistrement:
Choral/Chorale March 2 and 19, 2018, Dunbar Ryerson United Church, Vancouver
Supplementary Recording/Supplémentaire Enregistrement 2020 at location

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