rockeys duo – brocade

rockeys duo (Katelyn Clark, harpsichord, Luciane Cardassi, piano)

1 Brocade – Linda Catlin Smith
   Katelyn Clark (harpsichord), Luciane Cardassi (piano)

2. Breaker – Emilie LeBel
   Luciane Cardassi (piano), and electronics

3. ?! !? (interrobang) – Annette Brosin
   Luciane Cardassi (piano), Katelyn Clark (harpsichord), and electronics

4. …the obsessive circularity of thought…Anna Pidgorna
   Katelyn Clark (harpsichord)

Track 1 recorded by Chris Lyons/Alejandro Goldstein (2014), Rolston Recital Hall, Banff Centre AB. Edited and mixed by Amandine Pras (2017).
Track 2 recorded, edited and mixed by Paul Talbott (2012), Glenn Gould Studio, Toronto ON.
Tracks 3 and 4 recorded and edited by Mathilde Genas/Ben Erikson (2016), Rolston Recital Hall, Banff Centre AB.
Mastered by Amandine Pras (2017).
Produced and designed by Katelyn Clark and Luciane Cardassi.

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Program notes:
Brocade (2013) for harpsichord and piano
In combining these two keyboard instruments, I felt I was interlacing two distinctly different colors into a single fabric; the two separate and very beautiful sound worlds wrap around each other, woven but never completely blended. Brocade, a thick, interwoven silk fabric, came to mind as I was working, as it seemed to reflect both the weightiness of the instruments and the delicacy of their colours. I am indebted to Katelyn Clark and Luciane Cardassi for their beautiful interpretation, and to the Canada Council for the Arts for supporting the commission. – Linda Catlin Smith.

Breaker (2012) for piano and electronics
Breaker is part of a cycle of pieces entitled on faith, work, leisure & sleep, for various combinations of piano, pianist’s voice, text, electronics, and video. The project was written in close collaboration with pianist Luciane Cardassi. The works employ poetry by Canadian Sue Sinclair as the source material for the content of the work, such as structure, pacing, and thematic content. – Emilie LeBel

?! !? (interrobang) (2015) for harpsichord, piano and electronics
a mixture of query and interjection” [], interrobang playfully investigates the complicated and multifaceted relationship between the harpsichord and the piano. Through an interlocking of mechanical, dynamic, and sonic distinctions, the two instruments continuously become one another in this composition: the electronic part of the piece presents a kind of shadow of the notes as played by the performers; each moment of key-release triggers a restatement of the previous note, projected onto the other instrument, and therefore becomes a moment of creation, renewal, and metamorphosis. – Annette Brosin

…the obsessive circularity of thought… (2015) for amplified harpsichord
This piece explores our tendency to replay real and imagined conversations, wishing that we said something different and analyzing each phrase from a million different angles. We are tormented by what was and could have been until we find a way to break the cycle and release ourselves. Musically, the piece explores the slight differences in colour and tuning between the strings of the two manuals, obsessively recycling the same notes and patterns with gradual changes. – Anna Pidgorna

TK457 © 2017 Redshift Music

Rockeys duo: harpsichord & piano

Photo credit Kim Williams.

rockeys duo takes its name from the majestic Rocky Mountains of Canada. This project is a unique collaboration between harpsichordist Katelyn Clark (Montréal) and pianist Luciane Cardassi (Banff) that explores the unexpected combination of piano, harpsichord and electronics. The duo uncovers and develops the endless possibilities of their keyboard instruments through performance, improvisation, and commissioning new works. After meeting and collaborating at the Banff Centre during several artist residencies, the duo began their current project of commissioning a series of new works for harpsichord, piano and electronics by Canadian composers, which includes Brocade by Linda Catlin Smith, funded through the Canada Council for the Arts.

Photo by Louisa Stonehill

Katelyn Clark is a musician who specializes in early and experimental repertoire on historical keyboard instruments. She works through informed playing, improvisation, and innovative performance practice on the pianoforte, organetto, and harpsichord. Katelyn has concertized extensively as a soloist and chamber musician, performing in Canada, Spain, Austria, France, and The Netherlands. Katelyn has been an artist in residence at the Banff Centre, NES in Iceland, Artscape on Toronto Island, and was a fellow at OMI in the USA. Her artistic study and practice have been generously supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, The BC Arts Council, Le Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, The Banff Centre, and the Early Music Society of the Islands. Originally from Victoria, British Columbia, Katelyn studied with Bob van Asperen (Conservatorium van Amsterdam, The Netherlands), Christophe Rousset (Accademia Musicale Chigiana, Siena, Italy), and Erich Schwandt/Doreen Oke (University of Victoria, BC). She holds a doctorate in early music performance from McGill University (Montréal, Québec), advised by Tom Beghin.

Brazilian-Canadian pianist Luciane Cardassi is a noted performer of new music. For 20 years she has been exploring the contemporary music world through collaboration and performance. She holds a D.M.A. in Contemporary Music Performance from the University of California, San Diego (UCSD), a Master’s Degree in Music from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) and a Bachelors Degree in Music from the University of São Paulo (USP). Her main teachers have been Aleck Karis, Celso Loureiro Chaves, Antonio Carlos Borges Cunha, Ney Fialkow, and her piano teacher of many years, Heloisa Zani. Among Luciane’s recent projects is the multimedia concert “Going North” with music by Brazilian and Canadian composers. Beyond her solo work, Luciane has two duos: “rockeys duo”, with harpsichordist Katelyn Clark, and “duo CardAssiS”, with pianist Ana Claudia Assis, always with the goal of expanding the repertoire for their instruments with electronics. Luciane is an independent researcher and often writes about her experience learning and performing music from the 20th and 21st centuries. Luciane lives in Banff, Canada. The beautiful surroundings of the Rocky Mountains inform and inspire her creative practice.

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