Negative Zed / Jordan Nobles – Lagrange Point

Isolation Project by the Negative Zed Ensemble with JUNO Award-winning composer Jordan Nobles

A Lagrange Point (named after the Italian-French mathematician Joseph Louis Lagrange) is a position in an orbital configuration of two large bodies where a smaller object, affected only by the combined gravitational pull of the two large masses, can be stationary relative to them (such as a satellite with respect to the Earth and Moon). It is a point in space where the object can theoretically be suspended as each large mass exerts an equal influence upon it. This piece is an attempt to suspend the music at its own harmonic ‘Lagrange point’ between motion and silence. 

1. Lagrange Point  (2012) – 31:50


Mark Takeshi McGregor – flute, alto flute
Geronimo Mendoza – oboe, english horn
Liam Hockley – clarinet, bass clarinet
Katelin Coleman – bassoon
Colin MacDonald – alto and soprano saxophones
Dorothea Hayley – soprano
Martin Fisk – vibraphone
Julia Chien – glockenspiel
Katie Rife – marimba
Janelle Nadeau – harp
Danielle Marcinek – piano
Adrian Verdejo – classical and acoustic guitars
Saina Khaledi – santour
Dailin Hsieh – zheng
Nicole Ge Li
– erhu
Parmela Attariwala
– violin

Sarah Kwok – viola
Alasdair Money – cello
Mark Haney – doublebass

Recorded in isolation in the musician’s homes and also at the Canadian Music Centre’s Murray Adaskin Salon, Vancouver, BC.
Edited by Jordan Nobles

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Special thanks to Mark Takeshi McGregor, Walter Quan.

This project was supported by the British Columbia Arts Council.

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Jordan Nobles – composer
Composer Jordan Nobles is known for creating music filled with an “unearthly beauty” (Mondomagazine) that makes listeners want to “close (their) eyes and transcend into a cloud of music” (Discorder Magazine). He has won numerous awards for his work including a JUNO Award and a Western Canadian Music Award for ‘Classical Composition of the Year’. Jordan was also the recipient of the Jan V. Matejcek Award in recognition of ‘overall success in New Classical Music’ and was awarded the Barbara Pentland Award of Excellence ‘for his extraordinary contribution to Canadian Music’. He lives in Deep Cove, BC with his wife Kelly and their son Julian.

Photo by Dejan Radovanovic

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