Redshift X

Redshift Music’s 10th Anniversary Compilation Sampler

In 2001, a handful of young Canadian composers met for coffee to discuss new ideas for presenting music to a broader public. On January 20th, 2002, they mounted their first production at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre with the percussion quartet, Four Gallon Drum…. that day, “Redshift Music” was born.

What began in that Vancouver coffee shop a decade ago has transformed into one of the most important ongoing collaborations of composers, performers, and artists on the Canadian new music scene.

On January 20, 2012 Redshift Music became 10 years old!

To celebrate our 10th Anniversary we released our compilation sampler CD Redshift X.

Download a free copy of Redshift X from:

1. A delicate fire movt. III from I conversed with you in a dream
Composer: Jocelyn Morlock
from Tiresias – Delicate Fires (TK421 © 2007 Redshift Music)

2. Simulacrum
Composer: Jordan Nobles 
from Undercurrents (TK424 © 2011 Redshift Music)

3. diffusus
Composer: James B. Maxwell
from Different Stones (TK422 © 2009 Redshift Music)

4. Triple Witching
Composer: Jeffrey Ryan
from Vox Terra (TK425 © 2011 Redshift Music)

5. Sonata for Flute and Piano, I: “Majestic and sinister”
Composer: Christopher Kovarik
from the CD Tiresias – Trade Winds (TK428 © 2012 Redshift Music)

6. Mercurio Dal Ciel In Terra
Composer: Rodney Sharman
from Cosmophony (TK423 © 2010 Redshift Music)

7. tous facteurs étant égaux #2
Composer: André Cormier
unreleased multi-track performance by Mark Takeshi McGregor, flutes

8. For Dreams of Things Which Cannot Be
Composer: Jennifer Butler
from Tiresias – Delicate Fires (TK421 © 2007 Redshift Music)

9. Gliese 581C
Composer: Emily Doolittle
from Cosmophony (TK423 © 2010 Redshift Music)

10. Different Stones
Composer: Marci Rabe
from Different Stones (TK422 © 2009 Redshift Music)

Cover art: Autumn (2010) by Mark Takeshi McGregor

TK426 © 2012 Redshift Music