Colin MacDonald – The Sky is a Clock

A Kaleidoscope of Harmonies for 16 saxophones by composer/performer Colin MacDonald

1. The Sky is a Clock  (2018) – 60:00

Long before we had mechanical timepieces to measure out the day, we lived our lives on a longer temporal scale, moving to the rhythms of the sun and sky and seasons. This work for 16 saxophones takes an hour of time, divided neatly into 12 sections for each month of the year. I try to model the cycles of growth and decay, expansion and contraction, of a year-long agricultural calendar. The work loops neatly around to end where it began, as another year begins anew. – CM

Composed, performed, recorded, and edited by
Colin MacDonald (soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone saxophones)

The Sky is a Clock is available from:

Recorded November 2017
Mixed March 2020 in the Murray Adaskin Studio, CMC BC

TK466 © 2020 Redshift Music

Colin MacDonald is a freelance saxophonist, composer and arranger living in Vancouver, BC.  He completed a B.Mus. in saxophone at the University of British Columbia, where he studied with Julia Nolan and David Branter.  He teaches classical saxophone at Douglas College.
A former member of the new music chamber group Ensemble Symposium, and the Balinese gamelan Gong Gita Asmara, Colin regularly performs with the Saxophilia Saxophone Quartet, and the Cascadia Reed Quintet. He has also worked extensively with Vancouver New Music, the Redshift Music Society, the Erato Ensemble, the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, the West Coast Symphony, and the Kamloops Symphony.
Colin enjoys composing as well as performing saxophone, and a CD recording of his chamber music for saxophone, Circle of Wind, is available through his website.