Redshift XV

Redshift Music’s 15th Anniversary Compilation Sampler

To celebrate our 15th Anniversary in  2017 we released our second compilation sampler CD Redshift XV.

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Thirst CD Cover 1400

TRACK 1. Dring, dring

Composer: Ana Sokolović
Performed by musica intima
From the CD Thirst by musica intima and the Turning Point Ensemble
Thirst brings together two innovative ensembles musica intima and Turning Point Ensemble, conducted by Owen Underhill, performing dynamic repertoire by Ana Sokolović from Montréal and Julia Wolfe from New York City.
Nominated for Classical Ensemble of the Year by the 2016 Western Canadian Music Awards
TK442 © 2015 Redshift Music


TRACK 2. Rainshadow No.4
Composer: Benton Roark
From the CD Songs from the Rainshadow’s Edge
Performers: Arkora (Kathleen Allan, soprano; Amelia Lukas, flutes; Brendon Randall-Myers, electric guitar; Jonathan Allen, percussion; Anne Lanzilotti, viola; Samuel Suggs, double bass; Mary Barry, narrationMaya Levy, narration)
A Song Cycle in Five Parts by Benton Roark
Nominated for Classical Composition of the Year by the 2016 Western Canadian Music Awards
TK444 © 2016 Redshift Music


A Gossamer Bit
TRACK 3. A Gossamer Bit

Composer: Allison Cameron
From the CD A Gossamer Bit
Performed by CONTACT (Nicholai Bobas, double bass; Mary-Katherine Finch, cello; Sarah Fraser Raff, violin; Wallace Halladay, soprano saxophone; Rob MacDonald, electric guitar; Jerry Pergolesi, percussion; Allison Wiebe Benstead, piano) with Dean Kurtis-Pomeroy, percussion; and Stephen Tam, piccolo
Named one of The WIRE Magazine’s Top 50 releases of 2015
TK445 © 2015 Redshift Music


Israfel CD
TRACK 4. Krishna’s Flute
Composer: Keith Hamel
From the CD Israfel: Music for Flute and Electronics
Performed by Paolo Bortolussi, flute; with Keith Hamel, interactive electronics
Music for flute and electronics by Larry Lake, Keith Hamel, John Oliver and Kaija Saariaho.
Nominated for Classical Artist of the Year and Classical Composition of the Year (for John Oliver’s Birds of Paradise Lost) by the 2016 Western Canadian Music Awards
TK443 © 2016 Redshift Music


Sassicaia Cover 1400
TRACK 5. Second Duo
Composer: Anthony Genge
From the CD Sassicaia
Performed by Sea and Sky (François Houle, clarinet and Jane Hayes, piano)  Music by Owen Underhill, Gordon Fitzell, Jacqueline Leggatt, Keith Hamel, Anthony Genge, Bruce Mather, Jacques Hétu, and Paul Dolden.
Nominated for Classical Recording of the Year and Classical Composition of the Year (for Owen Underhill’s Duotone) by the 2015 Western Canadian Music Awards
TK438 © 2015 Redshift Music


TRACK 6. Shattered Mirrors
Composer: Jordan Nobles
From the upcoming CD Surface Tension: Music of Jordan Nobles
Performed by Ethos Collective (Katie Rife, percussion/marimba; Samantha Fu, flute; Kathryn Emiko Hintersteininger, violin; Stefan Hintersteininger, cello; Chris Morano, piano; Timothy Van Cleave, percussion/vibraphone; with Marcus Takizawa, viola; Adrian Verdejo, guitar, Colin MacDonald, saxophone)
Pieces include Equilibrium, LaGrange Point, Chronostasis, Nocturne, Quickening, and others.
TK451 © 2017 Redshift Music


Concentric Rings
TRACK 7. Suspended Waltz
Composer: Rodney Sharman
From the upcoming CD Concentric Rings 
Performed by Victoria Guitar Trio (Adrian Verdejo, Bradford Werner, Michael Dias) Victoria’s acclaimed guitar trio performs new works by Scott Edward Godin, Benton Roark, Jordan Nobles, Rodney Sharman, and RD Wraggett.
TK450 © 2017 Redshift Music



TRACK 8. Sculptress
Composer: Nicole Lizée
From the upcoming CD New Wave
Performed by Standing Wave (Christie Reside, flutes; AK Coope, clarinets; Allen Stiles, piano; Rebecca Whitling, violin; Peggy Lee, cello; and Vern Griffiths, percussion)
Vancouver’s Standing Wave performs works commissioned by the ensemble from composers Marcus Goddard, Justin Christensen, Edward Top, Michael Oesterle, and Nicole Lizée.
TK448 © 2017 Redshift Music


TRACK 9. Triple Quartet
Composer: Colin MacDonald
From the upcoming CD Fast Truck
Performed by Saxophilia (David Branter, soprano saxophone; Christopher Ward, alto saxophone; Julia Nolan, tenor saxophone; Colin MacDonald, baritone saxophone)
Vancouver based saxophone quartet Saxophilia performs Canadian post-minimalist works by Colin MacDonald, Peter Hannan, John Burke, and Derek Charke.
TK455 © 2017 Redshift Music


OSMB CD Cover 1400
TRACK 10. Rue Bleury
Composer: Of Sound, Mind and Body
From the CD Concert #3 Le Gesù
Performed by Of Sound, Mind and Body (Tim Brady, electric guitar, electronics; Shawn Mativetsky, tabla, percussion; Helmut Lipsky, violin; with guest Gabriel Dharmoo, voice)
Improvised chamber music? Spontaneous world music? Jazz meets everything else? There is only one thing for certain with OS,MB: there are no rules. Any sound, any harmony, any musical gesture is on the table.
TK446 © 2016 Redshift Music


TRACK 11. Hum

Composer: Brian Harman
From the upcoming CD Raging Against the Machine

Performed by Ensemble Paramirabo and Thin Edge New Music Collective
Montreal’s Ensemble Paramirabo and Toronto’s Thin Edge New Music Collective come together to perform Steve Reich’s Double Sextet, Louis Andriessen’s Worker’s Union, and new pieces from Patrick Giguère, Anna Höstman and Brian Harman.
TK449 © 2017 Redshift Music


Composer: Elisha0 Denburg
From the upcoming CD Toy Piano Composers
Performed by Toy Piano Composers Ensemble (Tim Crouch, flute; Anthony Thompson, clarinets; Wesley Shen, piano/toy piano; Daniel Morphy, percussion; Ilana Waniuk, violin; Adam Scime, double bass)
Toronto’s Toy Piano Composers Ensemble perform new works by Chris Thornborrow, Monica Pearce, Elisha Denburg, Nancy Tam, Ruth Guechtal, Dan Brophy, and Fiona Ryan.
TK452 © 2017 Redshift Music


TRACK 13. Who Made the Inch of Grass
Composer: Aaron Gervais
From the CD PEP (Piano and Erhu Project) Volume 2
Performed by PEP (Nicole Ge Li, erhu; Corey Hamm, piano)  Works for erhu and piano featuring music by Dorothy Chang, Keith Hamel, Aaron Gervais, Remy Siu, Daniel Marshall, Emily Doolittle, Elizabeth Raum, and Douglas Finch.
Nominated for Classical Recording of the Year and Classical Composition of the Year (for Keith Hamel’s Homage to Liu Wenjin) by the 2015 Western Canadian Music Awards
TK440 © 2015 Redshift Music


TRACK 14. Apogee

Composer: Farshid Samandari
From the upcoming CD Apogee: Chamber Music of Farshid Samandari
Performed by Mark Takeshi McGregor, flute
Mark Takeshi McGregor, flutes; Ariel Barnes, cello; Marcus Takizawa, viola; Joy Yeh, harp; and Brian Nesselroad, percussion perform works by Samandari including Nuclide, Coming Home, From Fire to Water, Autumn Nightfall, Memoirs Untold, and Apogee; an award-winning work that fuses the soundworlds of the Persian ney and the Classical Avant-Garde.
TK453 © 2017 Redshift Music


TRACK 15. Do not go gentle into that good night
Composer: Lou Warde
From the upcoming CD EAST
Performed by William George, tenor and Michael Strutt, guitar
Asian and Middle Eastern inspired contemporary music for voice and guitar by Alex Roth, Marga Richter, William George, Keith Cole, Lou Warde, Iman Habibi and John Oliver.
TK454 © 2017 Redshift Music


Cover art: Conduit – Acrylic on Wood Panel – Galen Felde
TK447 © 2017 Redshift Music

Redshift’s 10th Anniversary Compilation Sampler
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