Mark Takeshi McGregor – Lutalica

Solo flute music from the Pacific Rim

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Mark Takeshi McGregor, flutes

1. forever afterHope Lee  (6:15)
2. NakodaEllen Lindquist (4:29)
3. De Mares ImaginadosPedro Alvarez (5:38)
4. HarakekePhilip Brownlee (8:05)
5. JingzheKaiyi Kao (5:14)
6. TamazusaEtsuko Hori (5:57)
7. WrenegadeNova Pon (6:33)
8. Stratus and ShaleGraham Flett (10:20)
9. HiraethEmilie LeBel (13:56)

Available for Free Download

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Producer/Réalisateur: Mark Takeshi McGregor
Recording Engineer/Preneur de son: Don Harder
Digital Editing & Mastering/Montage numérique et gravure: Don Harder
Cover painting/Tableau en couverture: The Sea Valley 5 by/par Taiga Chiba
Photograph/Photo: Lenora Ede
Graphic Design/Conception graphique: André Cormier
Translation/traduction: André Cormier

© 2019 Redshift Music TK468

Bonus Video:
Hope Lee: forever after
A film by Mark Mushet

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