Mark Takeshi McGregor – Lutalica

Solo flute music from the Pacific Rim

Mark Takeshi McGregor is the WINNER of ‘Classical Artist of the Year’ at the 2020 Western Canadian Music Awards.

Mark Takeshi McGregor, flutes

1. forever afterHope Lee  (6:15)
2. NakodaEllen Lindquist (4:29)
3. De Mares ImaginadosPedro Alvarez (5:38)
4. HarakekePhilip Brownlee (8:05)
5. JingzheKaiyi Kao (5:14)
6. TamazusaEtsuko Hori (5:57)
7. WrenegadeNova Pon (6:33)
8. Stratus and ShaleGraham Flett (10:20)
9. HiraethEmilie LeBel (13:56)

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Producer/Réalisateur: Mark Takeshi McGregor
Recording Engineer/Preneur de son: Don Harder
Digital Editing & Mastering/Montage numérique et gravure: Don Harder
Cover painting/Tableau en couverture: The Sea Valley 5 by/par Taiga Chiba
Photograph/Photo: Lenora Ede
Graphic Design/Conception graphique: André Cormier
Translation/traduction: André Cormier

© 2019 Redshift Music TK468

Bonus Video:
Hope Lee: forever after
A film by Mark Mushet

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