Mike WT Allen – Space Elevator

Mike WT Allen’s Space Elevator

1. Bozo  (solos by Nicky Walsh, trombone; Max Ley & Eliot Doyle, drums
2. Xoemsibe  (solos by Thomas Hoeller, guitar; David Brown, baritone sax
3. Bagel  (solos by Ridley Bishop, alto sax; Dominic Conway, tenor sax
4. Sloove The Traction  (solos by Bradan DeCicco & Thomas Hoeller, guitar; Max Ley & Eliot Doyle, drums
5. Flummoxed featuring John Korsrud  (solos by John Korsrud, trumpet; Luis Melgar, trombone

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Composer/Bandleader: Mike WT Allen
Alto Sax: Jen Davidson, Ridley Bishop
Tenor Sax: Dominic Conway, James Wilfred Martin
Baritone Sax: David Brown
Trumpet: Erik Engholm, Jocelyn Waugh, Heather Anderson, Thad Bailey-Mai, Trevor Whitridge, John Korsrud (featured soloist)
Trombone: Nicky “Hotlips” Walsh, Luis Melgar, Janine King, Andrew Radke (bass)
Guitar: Thomas Hoeller (left), Bradan DeCicco (right)
Keyboards/Synths: Terence Trusdale
Bass: Nikko Whitworth
Drums: Max Ley (left), Eliot Doyle (right)

All songs composed and arranged by Mike WT Allen
Recorded at Monarch Studios by Scot Wallace and Charlotte Duggan
Mixed and Mastered by Mike WT Allen and Terence Trusdale
Artwork by Kathryn Taft and Keith Measures
Album design by Gillian Weber-Leedham

Indiegogo Special Thanks
Steve An, Sarah Blawatt, Margaret DeCicco, Marco Del Rio, Barb Eves, Kevin Holman, Alix Jackson, Andrew Jarvis, Sonya Klassen, Sheena & Zack Kotilla, Grant Kowalewski, Mathieu Lucien LeBlond, Jim Leedham, Noel MacDonald, Robert Mattson, Duncan Maunders, Keith Measures, Justin Neumeyer, Uncle Rick, Uncle Rob, Dana Sorensen

Other Special Thanks
Mom, Dad, LadyLou, John Korsrud, Jocelyn Morlock, Bradshaw Pack, Gillian Weber-Leedham, Max Ley, Edmond Lu, Jessica Blaquiere-Gardner, Marco Blaquiere, Adam Jones, Julia Pinckney Jones

Redshift Records TK465 © Mike WT Allen 2019
Released on April 6, 2019