Aventa Ensemble – Dérive II

Pierre Boulez

1. Dérive IIPierre Boulez

Total duration: 50:09

Aventa Ensemble
Bill Linwood, conductor; Muge Buyukcelen, violin; Mieka Michaux, viola; Alasdair Money, violoncello; Russell Bajer, English horn; Brent Besner, clarinet; Darnell Linwood, horn; Corey Rae, marimba; Rick Sacks, vibraphone; Miranda Wong, piano; Annabelle Stanley, harp

Produced by Aventa Ensemble
Dérive II recorded live in concert: Scandinavia House NYC (Jan. 2011)
Mastered by Bob Katz at Digital Domain, Orlando, FL USA
CD design: Denise Burt, Elevator Graphics
Cover Artwork: Original image by McKay Savage Joffres Lakes 1-0810 – 21 – blue glacier ice (CC BV 2.0)
Special Thanks: Universal Editions, European American Music Distributors Company

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Born in Montbrison/Loire on 26 March 1925; Pierre Boulez was a composer, conductor, thinker, a motor of international musical life, an emblematic figure in post-war European, indeed, world culture. Aventa presented the North American premiere of “Dérive II” in 2007 and has subsequently presented the work throughout Canada and internationally. Paul Griffiths writes that “Dérive II” is an essay in notions of time that Boulez has drawn from Carter, Ligeti and Nancarrow…Surface activity may be dazzling, surprising, exciting and, at times, graced with humour, the less common trait in this composer’s music. The work proceeds like a river, sometimes dashing through rapids, where the instrumental lines crash against one another and break up, at other times entering pools of harmonic reflection.”

With a reputation for superb performance and ambitious programming, Aventa has established itself as one of Canada’s leading contemporary music ensembles. Comprised of musicians who are passionate about new music and its place in our culture, Aventa pushes musical boundaries through diverse projects, collaboration, and cultural exchange. https://aventa.ca/